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You might ask “what’s this website about??” That’s a good question, we have the same question and to be honest, we don’t know!! Nah, just kidding, you know us…!! (and if not, you'll get to know us soon enough, the only thing you have to do is read this website!).

We’re here to booze up your life! Bring a bit more fun into your daily meals, and bring some laughs to your table. Because we think you need it!! Life’s too serious, and if you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right website!

The idea is to give you recipes (most of them will be for the barbeque) with only one consistent ingredient: Booze!! That’s the only criteria for our posts, now that’s easy isn’t it?? We’re not going to do any fancy dishes, but most important: all the recipes you’ll find here are tested by us and approved. And that means fun for us and for you (if you’re willing to try them....)

We hope you like it as much as we do, and don’t be afraid to comment on our recipes (if we don’t like the comment we won’t publish it haha) and if you have a great boozy recipe of which you think we would like, let us know ASAP. Because we’re interested in your Boozy food ideas!

Don’t forget to check out the other pages of this website. All the boozy recipes and fun you can find them by clicking here.
On this link page you’ll find some information about us (if you don’t know us already…you missed something!!), and last but not least…here you’ll find the email addresses if you feel the need to share your boozy recipes with us, or any other stuff you want to share...

Now we hope you have a clue what our name "BarBQBoozers" means, bookmark it and check us on a daily basis. Or more often, we don't mind!!
Don't forget: it's always 5 o'clock somewhere and therefore: cheers to you!! Let’s raise our glasses, light the coals and get started!!