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I’m in a Bourbon state of mind, is that news? Nah…not really…but I love it! After all the testing with the cocktails I did last week it was about time I got some real food again. That cocktail thing is not easy, but I do it, nobody forced me. No need to….you know me! And in case you’re wondering, nobody was hurt during these cocktail sessions, only my head the next day. But there’s nothing a good strong cup of coffee can’t solve. Coffee, straight, no adds of whatsoever…I swear!

So now let’s get cooking again, as I said with Bourbon. Geez that reminds me, gotta do some booze shopping today wooh!!! The bottles are getting empty! Oh yeah, Burgerman, we definitely need a sponsor, go out and find one!

Let’s see, you would like some beef? Than continue reading, and if you don’t keep reading too because there’s more here to discover than just Beef and Bourbon..


Beef tenderloin, cut into big cubes
Olive oil
Steak seasoning
1 large onion
1/4 cup Bourbon
3 tablespoons peppercorns
some fresh black pepper, ground
½ cup heavy cream

Start with marinating the beef cubes for 30 minutes in olive oil and your favorite steak seasoning. Or use only pepper and a bit of salt instead.

Cut the onion in thin slices and add some butter to a sauce pan. On a low heat let the onion slices get soft, not brown, take it easy with the onions!
Grill the beef on a grill or use a cast iron pan. This won’t take long, only a few minutes.
Add the Bourbon, the pepper and extra pepper  to the onions, and let it boil for 1 minute.  And I tell you, this smells divine!! I don't mind if you can't concentrate on the rest now, but please try! Then add the cream and let it simmer until the beef is ready.
This is such an easy recipe, you can do even after some drinks! 
I served this delicious dish with some  tiny round potatoes. Oh and a glass/bottle of Shiraz wine, lovely!

And because I couldn't get enough of it, here's one more picture.....
Dinner is ready Burgerman!!!



05/21/2011 07:33

Wow Dutchess-I go away for a few days and I see you have been busy in the kitchen (and at the bar) Hmmmm...a sponsor...that is something I must look into..I get all the fun jobs! Keep cookin and mixin...I'll find a sponsor, but I may need to do a lot of product research first!! haha!!

05/21/2011 07:51

yep, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! Product research.... good idea you're behind a few on me! LOL


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